Welcome:please introduce yourself

Welcome to the FutureDAO community.
We are so glad you are here.Can you introduce yourself and let the community know about you?
You may introduce yourself by answering the following questions.
Where are you based?
Which industry do you work in?
How much do you know about DAICO?
Are you interested in financing for or investing a project via DAICO?

We look forward to your input.

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Hello everyone, I am the founder of FutureDAO and the founder of NEL. I am based in Shanghai. I have led the team to start a business in the blockchain for 3 years. We believe that DAICO should be the next generation of financing and promote the decentralized community prosperity, we hope that we can contribute to this goal. People with the same values are welcome to join us and build FutureDAO to make DAICO a reality.

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Hello, guys. I am Robbie. I am based in Shanghai, China. I am the overseas community manager of NEL. Blockchain is changing the world and developing fast. We hope NEL’s FutureDAO could be part of this exciting paradigm. We believe it could transform the current financing and contribute to the greater prosperity of network communities. Let’s talk and collaborate here to make DAICO happen.

I am the core developer of nel and I am very happy to meet you here. We can discuss a lot of insights and questions about futuredao here. Let us work together to advance the development of this meaningful project.

Hello everyone, I am the community manager of NEL. The technology development is changing with each passing day. I believe that FutureDAO has great development space and possibilities in the future. I am looking forward to meet you and talk about some interesting topic with you here, let’s do something great to make FutureDAO better together!

Hello, I am Zane. I participated in the design of the DAICO project, which is really an exciting project. ICO gives everyone the opportunity to be an investor, and DAICO gives product users the opportunity to invest in their own products. They will form a community and give birth to more ideas and values. I am very happy to see that blockchain investment is developing in the direction of specialization, while maintaining the charm of decentralization. I can feel the power of these communities and look forward to the day they broke out.

Hello,I am Benny.I am the UI designer of NEL.I think a good product should have a simple interface,and it should be easy to use.In the coming time, we will start designing the Interface of FutureDAO.It is my pleasure to work with such a good team.Let’s make FutureDAO better!

Hi, everyone. I am Harris. I am based in Shanghai, China. Too many exchanges use ICO to steal other people’s tokens, hoping that futuredao can change the status. There is a question, in what way will futuredao collect the project?

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Hi,harris.Thank you for your interest. Please check this [topic].(What kind of project is suitable for FutureDAO?)

Hello, I am Colin. I work in as a writer in Miami, United States.
Abyss, the first DAICO, has had some good progress recently, and in the markets as well. I would probably consider investing in some, but not most, DAICOs.

A couple of questions:
1) Is FutureDAO planning to use the Ethereum blockchain? NEO blockchain? Multiple chains?
2) Will projects have a choice of the blockchain to deploy their DAICO on?
Best of luck with your very interesting project and economic model.

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Hi,Colin.FutureDAO will build on Multiple chains,include Ethereum and NEO,and projects will have choice to choose a blockchain.

Hi, FutureDao. I am Steven from NEO, and I hope that FutureDao will become a great project and more community members will understand the power of the DAICO.

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